Company Profile

STEM-Pharma is a management consulting firm delivering evidence-based recommendations on business growth opportunities in emerging markets in the healthcare sector in general and pharmaceutical segment in particular. We advise key stakeholders on targeted resource allocation/investment opportunities, allowing them to take informed business decisions. STEM-Pharma:

Identifies Your Investment Opportunities

We identify your investment opportunities in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, supported by evidence-based macro to micro economic and pharmaceutical analysis

Guides Your Strategic Decisions

We guide your strategic investment decisions by providing a clear roadmap for business growth in Sales, Manufacturing, and R&D, backed by proprietary economic models

Delivers Continuous Support

We deliver continuous support to our partners through our complementary consultancy services



We deliver value-added products that combine macro to micro analysis with a focus on several growth vectors: pharmaceutical market patterns, alliances and investments, rules and regulations, research platforms, and market intricacies, in emerging countries and regions worldwide. 

STEM-Pharma devised the following proprietary tools to support its recommendations for investment decisions: